Senior Australians Equity Release (SEQUAL) was established in 2004 as the industry association for providers of equity release products.

Equity release was a new industry at that time, and SEQUAL’s primary focus was the development of professional standards and representing the industry to government, regulators and consumer agencies.

In 2012, SEQUAL achieved a milestone with the enactment of laws that enshrined many of the consumer protection principles in the association’s voluntary code of conduct for members.

SEQUAL remains committed upholding professional standards, but has now expanded its scope to include the promotion of the family home as the fourth pillar of retirement incomes in Australia.

This is reflected in our new, broader mission statement to:

  • Advocate a dignified and secure retirement for all Australian Homeowners
  • Promote an understanding of Senior’s Home Equity Release to consumers and other Stakeholders
  • Ensure Members adhere to SEQUAL’s “Consumer Protection Principles” to foster consumer confidence

SEQUAL believes the right of Senior Australians to remain in their home for life should be the fundamental principle for all Equity Release products. Product providers must abide by this principle to qualify for SEQUAL Membership.

Our Members are providers of Equity Release products who are committed to SEQUAL's Code of Conduct and Consumer Protection Principles. SEQUAL also works hard in the interests of all Senior Australian Homeowners by raising awareness of Equity Release as a safe and affordable way to boost retirement incomes, without having to sell the family home.