SEQUAL Courses are designed for Market Practitioners such as: Brokers, Planners, Accountants and Legal Advisers to:

  • Understand The "Asset Rich-Cash Poor" Challenge
  • Recognise Client Desision Making Preferences
  • Gain Critical Product & Process Knowledge
  • Achieve Professional Standards
  • Develop A Successful Equity Release Practice

For any queries about SEQUAL Training please contact Australis College on 1300 887 991

Overseas Associations

Australia has seen a significant increase in the popularity of Equity Release products. This style of product has also been available in other countries, primarily the United Kingdom, United States of Amercia and New Zealand for many years.

In each of these countries, the standards of practice are guided by Industry Associations similar to SEQUAL.

United Kingdom 
Safe Home Income Plans "SAFE"

United States of America
National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association "NRMLA"

New Zealand 
Safe Home Equity Release Plans Association "SHERPA"