How can Equity Release help me?

Equity Release creates almost unlimited new options for you in retirement.

Thousands of Senior Australians have already used Equity Release as a means to put their 'wealth' to work for a wide range of purposes.

Some reasons Senior's have accessed the equity from their homes include:

  • Top-up Super
  • Investment
  • Assist grandchildren or family members
  • Small house renovations
  • Holiday, new car, lifestyle
  • Pay out debt

One important point to note is that Equity Release is helping all kinds of senior Australians, including those who are already financially comfortable but see the sense of unlocking some of the wealth in their home rather than drawing down more of their superannuation.

Equity Release should not be seen as the 'last resort' for retirement income. For those who do not have enough retirement income, Equity Release can transform their quality of life.

For more information regarding case studies or to understand how accessing the wealth tied up in your home can assist you in retirement, visit the Members of SEQUAL page for contact details.