Welcome to the Seniors Australian Equity Release Association

Since its inception as the peak industry body for the Australian Equity Release market, SEQUAL has worked in the interest of the Australian Community.

The SEQUAL Mission is to ensure the professionalism of those who offer Equity Release products for senior Australians. SEQUAL is dedicated to maintaining professional standards of practice within the Australian Equity Release Market.

Find an Equity Release Consultant

If you are looking for a Broker, Planner, Accountant or Lawyer to assist you to make an informed decision about a Reverse Mortgage, ensure that you are dealing with someone who has completed a SEQUAL Accredited Course.

SEQUAL has established the education standards required for market practitioners to achieve Industry Accreditation as an Equity Release Consultant and we are committed to the process of ensuring that these professionals are well placed to assist their clients.

To find an Equity Release Consultant - please visit our Advisor Directory to search for an Advisor near you.

SEQUAL Education

The Australian Reverse Mortgage Market represents a significant opportunity for market practitioners to extend their client reach.
SEQUAL is committed to the professional development of Brokers, Planners, Accountants and Legal Advisers.

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